Continuing Education

Advanced Open Water

This course concentrates on giving you more experience in diving in different conditions, depths and fine tuning the skills you learned during your Open Water course.

For the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course you need to complete 5 Chapters in your Adventures in Diving Manual, including a knowledge review corresponding to each section. You will also need to complete 5 Adventure Dives, 2 of them being compulsory: Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation.

The 3 remaining Adventure Dives are up to you, but we highly recommend the following: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drift and Underwater Naturalist. We feel that these Adventure Dives are the most beneficial in developing better, safer and more environmentally responsible divers.

As a certified PADI Advanced Open Water diver you are now certified to dive to a maximum depth of 30m, opening up more of the dive sites for you to explore!




  • free pick up
  • fruit and water after the dive
  • dive insurance
  • swimming pool session


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