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Are you already an Open Water certified diver? Do you only have one day free to dive? In this case you can take our PADI Adventure Diver certification. This course is comprised of 3 dives on 1 day and at the end of it you will be a PADI Adventure Diver!

Choose 3 of the many adventure dives that make up the Advanced Open Water certification (age restrictions apply to some adventure modules).

You can upgrade your PADI Adventure Diver certification at any time to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver if you complete another 2 adventure dives.

We run our Intro Dive from our shop in Sanur taking in the abundance of life we have right on our door step.

Please note that your 5 adventure dives must include the Deep Diver and the Underwater Navigation modules as these two adventure dives are compulsory for the Advanced Open Water certification.

We have two options that we highly recommend that will help you become a safe and skilled diver:

Option 1: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep and Underwater Naturalist
Option 2: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Digital Photography, Underwater Naturalist

If you prefer to take things one step at a time, you can also just take 1 Adventure Dive. Although you won’t have a certification the dive will be logged with all appropriate paperwork and records signed, so these adventure dives can be credited towards your Adventure Diver certification or your Advanced Open Water certification at a later stage.




  • free pick up
  • fruit and water after the dive
  • dive insurance
  • swimming pool session


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