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Diving is possible around the entire coast of Bali; as we are based in Sanur we focus more on the south and north eastern diving areas for the day trips. Sanur is our house reef so we can jump on one of our local boats and head out there at a moment’s notice (depending on the tides of course)! Other popular areas we dive are Padang Bai, Candidasa, Tulamben and Nusa Penida. Padang Bai is about 1 hour away from Sanur by car and once we arrive at the harbour we will take a local boat to our chosen dive sites. There are many dive sites in this area that each have something special about them, whether you are looking for beautiful shallow corals, coral walls, mini wrecks or world class muck diving, this area is great for beginners as well as advanced divers. Candidasa is a little further north from Padang Bai and has some very special diving. This is also boat diving from a local boat but rather than diving along the coastline we dive on some pinnacles further out from the shore. Here you will see amazing corals with higher probabilities of spotting sharks and other very special charismatic species at certain times of the year. As the currents can be more challenging here we only offer this trip to divers with sufficient experience. Travelling further north and onto the northern coastline of Bali you come to the village of Tulamben, made famous by the USS Liberty wreck that has been underwater for over 50 years and reclaimed by Mother Nature. This wreck is 120m long and depths range from 3m – 30m so is open to all levels of divers. This is a shore dive from a volcanic pebble beach, with black silky sand underwater providing a home many cool critters. Other dive sites along this beautiful northern coast also offer beautiful and fascinating diving. Nusa Penida islands are a group of 3 islands that make up the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. Around these islands there are beautiful, healthy coral reef systems and a particularly high diversity of marine life. These islands are about 45mins-1hour boat ride away and are home to all the charismatic marine life that Bali has to offer, such as, sharks, turtles, manta rays and the ocean sunfish (seasonal: usually around July-October).

Diving is great all year in Bali. The rainy season usually starts towards the end of November until around February, which can sometimes have an effect on the visibility, but even without the maximum potential visibility the conditions are still good, the waters are warm and the winds are generally lower this time of year. From around July to October Bali experiences the famous Ocean Sunfish season! During this time of year there is a seasonal upwelling of cold water from the Indian Ocean that bring surface temperatures along the south coasts of Bali of around 23 degrees c and thermoclines to as low as 16 degrees c. Although this may sound highly uninviting for anyone planning a dive trip in the tropics, this cold water upwelling is in fact a total blessing, as it brings an abundance of nutrient rich water to these areas which in turn attract more marine life to the area, most notably, the elusive ocean sunfish! It also helps the reefs fight against rising sea temperatures due to climate change and any harsh El Nino years, which seem to be occurring more frequently. If manta rays are on your bucket list then you are in luck as we have resident manta rays all year with the occasional ocean manta ray spotted.

In Bali you have the chance to see stunning, healthy coral reefs with an abundance of reef fish, a world-class WW2 wreck, muck dives with stonefish, waspfish, rhinopias, all kinds of colourful nudibranchs, pufferfish, frogfish, all sorts of octopus such as common, mimic and blue-ring, all kinds of reef sharks including black, white, grey, bamboo, the very occasional wobbegong and if you’re really lucky, thresher sharks and even a whale shark. Manta rays are resident around Nusa Penida and the ocean sunfish aggregate here in season. In short, a lot!

BCD: Scubapro T one Regulator: Mk2 R 095, Octopus R 095, Console 2 (Depth and Pressure) Booties and fins: Scubapro Delta Club booties and Deepgear fins Mask and snorkels: Mares and Ocean Pro Dive computer: Suunto Zoop Novo.

Like any watersports activity there is an element of risk involved, which is why it is extremely important to choose to dive with a company that has your safety as a top priority. At Blue Oasis Dive we will always make sure that group sizes are small (maximum 4 divers to 1 instructor, depending on the level of experience and comfort, if necessary we will make the groups smaller). Our gear is top quality and well maintained and we will only choose dive sites and times that are appropriate for our guests.

The youngest age for anyone to experience SCUBA is 8 years old, with a program called PADI Bubblemaker. We can conduct this in our luxury swimming pool courtesy of Prama Sanur Beach Hotel. This program is simply an experience in a safe and controlled environment where the children can have fun and play some underwater games. The minimum age to take the first level of diver certification is 10 years old. This will be the full PADI Open Water Course but with a depth limitation of 12m and the diver will be certified as Junior Open Water Diver. Once the diver reaches 15 years old the depth limit will automatically be increased to the regular 18m.

There is no maximum age for diving, although the diver must always make sure they are ‘fit to dive’ this can be determined by filling out the PADI medical questionnaire and being checked by a dive physician to be sure they are able to dive. For conditions which do not put you at inherent risk but will make certain aspects of diving difficult, for example, lifting/carrying the equipment, please let us know. We will always be happy to accommodate in any way we can. You will be well looked after.

If you are taking prescription medicines this will be a matter for your doctor to decide if your medication will interfere with your dive safety. As above, please refer to the PADI medical questionnaire for the list of medical conditions that require a doctor’s check up, as well as a form for your doctor to fill out and sign.

Yourself and your swim suit! If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it along as you will get a discount for having your own gear. If you don’t have your own gear, no problem, all our prices include: full equipment including a dive computer, water and fruit, lunch for any trip outside of Sanur, towels and all trip related taxes and fees.

For our dive trips and courses we strive to be as zero waste as possible. For this purpose we only bring reusable flasks of water for our guests and a tupperware box of fruit as our trip refreshments. No piles of empty single-use plastic bottles and crisp packets at the end of our trips! We have lunch in proper restaurants to avoid the take away packaging. We advocate for responsible diver behaviour making sure we brief our guests well about how to minimise our impact on the marine environment and to enjoy observing the natural behaviour of marine life. For our Nusa Penida trips in particular we make sure that all our guests are informed about and adhere to the Diver Code of Conduct and the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA). We help local marine conservation NGOs to raise awareness about the codes of conduct and MPA through our trips and also through our unique PADI Specialty, Bali Sunfish and Marine Park Diver. We also support organisations that are fighting against single use plastics by educating local schools and supplying them with reusable bottles and water dispense systems. We also organise and participate in underwater and beach clean ups.

All our guests are more than welcome to get involved in any of our environmental activities, whether you are interested in taking one of our environmental dive courses or participating in a beach clean up, just ask! We would be so happy for you to join us!

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