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Ocean Gardener

Blue Oasis Dive is proudly partnered with coral reef education and restoration NGO, Ocean Gardener.

Ocean Gardener was founded in 2016 but was forged out of 20 years of coral farming experience in Indonesia, working in accordance with all local laws and international regulations and with local communities, including fisherman associations. Over the years it has provided a highly successful alternative livelihood for thousands of coastal families as well as educating locals and tourists about sustainable coral farming practices and the importance of corals and the coral reef ecosystem

Through their knowledge, skills and experience Ocean Gardener do not only educate people about coral reefs but actively replenish and restore damaged reefs in the local areas of their farms to help keep the reefs alive and combat the many threats that face our oceans today.

Our Coral Nursery

Through our partnership, along with Rip Curl School of Surf, Rip Curl Planet and Prama Sanur Beach Hotel, we have created the Ocean Gardener Coral Nursery in Sanur, by our house reef .

The Sanur Coral Nursery is very special as it is the first soft coral farm created for reef restoration.

Why Soft Coral

The decision to make it a soft coral restoration project was thanks to the expertise of the Ocean Gardener crew that came to do an environmental assessment of our potential nursery and transplanting sites, in line with their sustainable coral farming philosophy.

What is Sustainable Coral Farming?

Sustainable coral farming is the practice of farming using principles of ecology, the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment. In other words, farming the right species in the right environment.

Based on their assessment, soft corals were the best way for us to get started!


Our Trips and Courses

We are very excited to introduce new tours and courses that will take place on our farm, including:

Taking our Ocean Gardener Coral Diver Course will give you the chance to fragment your own coral to regenerate a new colony which can eventually be transplanting onto our Sanur House Reef.

If you would like to arrange any special trips involving our coral restoration programme, whether it be for your school, club, group of friends or as part of a year abroad, feel free to contact us through this website’s Contact Us page or at

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