Sunfish & Marine Park

This is a unique PADI specialty that can only be taught here at Blue Oasis Dive. This course consists of a theory session and 2 dives in the open water.


Half day of theory looking at the different species of sunfish and more specifically at the sunfish that we find here in Bali during the infamous ‘sunfish season’. All the information in this course is based on scientific research and is part of ongoing research into the sunfish in the Bali area through the Sunfish Research project. It also gives information about our local marine park, diver codes of conduct and further insights into the links between all these topics and how it fits into the wider context of marine tourism and environmental conservation efforts.


The second day will be 2 dives within the marine park focusing on the diver code of conduct and the chance to witness the awe inspiring sunfish itself, in all its massive glory!




  • free pick up
  • fruit and water after the dive
  • dive insurance
  • swimming pool session


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